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*Camper(s) defined as a motorhome or trailer designed for overnight camping

  • Campers* at Purina Farms must have a pre-reserved site in one of two designated RV lots – the Full-Service Lot behind the Purina Event Center or the Electric Only Main Show Field Lot – at Purina Farms. Sites can only be reserved for pull-behind trailers and motorhomes designed for overnight camping. Campers may not be parked in the regular vehicle parking lots.
    – Sites 45-47 in the Electric Only Main Show Field Lot are authorized access only as determined by Purina Farms management.
  • Unless otherwise noted, campers should arrive between 1pm and 7pm on their check-in day for an event. Campers must vacate their sites by 6pm on their check-out day.
  • Any campers arriving before their scheduled times (or those arriving without a reservation) may be placed in a holding lot by security or may be asked to leave if accommodations are unable to made. Any campers placed in holding lots must vacate by 11 pm on the same day of arrival.
  • Upon arrival at Purina Farms, campers must check-in with Purina Farms security at the front entrance gate to the property or call (636) 221-1428 to receive parking tags and camping information.
    Each camper will receive 3 parking tags good for one camper and 2 accompanying non-commercial vehicles (note that a tow vehicle would be considered one of the 2 accompanying vehicles). Accompanying vehicles may only be parked at the site when the site is occupied by the affiliated camper. The Full-Service Purina Event Center lot tags are red and the Electric Only Main Show Field Lot tags are yellow. Parking tags must be visible inside the vehicles at all times.
  • A camper (only one camper unit per space), along with the 2 non-commercial vehicles, must fit within the size limits of each designated site. Campers and accompanying vehicles should not block roadways or they will be asked to move. If accompanying vehicles do not fit in the designated site, then they may be parked in the regular North parking lot in front of the building. Camper sizes must be accurately reported at the time of the reservation or risk being moved to a site more accommodating to the actual size of the camper.
  • Quiet hours are between 11 pm and 6 am. Campers with reservations coming in after 11 pm will be directed to a holding lot by security so as not to disrupt other overnight guests.
  • Purina Farms security regularly monitors the lots and is available on property 24/7.
    In case of a medical emergency in one of the lots, call Purina Farms security (see important contact numbers) or 911. A blue light emergency station is available on the South side of the Purina Event Center.
    Guests needing medical attention should leave their camper’s lights on allowing the response team to easily identify the appropriate vehicle.
  • Please notify a Purina Farms team member if you are having any difficulties with the hook-ups, including electric. Call security if you can’t locate Purina Farms management.
  • A camper MUST be checked on regularly if dogs are left unattended inside and there MUST be a reliable means to monitor the temperature in the vehicle. Purina reserves the right to remove any animals in distress from the vehicle.
  • Other general items to note:
    • No parking on grass.
    • No tent camping.
    • Small group gatherings are acceptable in the RV lots not to exceed 10 guests. Parties are prohibited. Larger group gatherings require a contractual agreement for a rented space on property.
    • All dogs must remain on leash and supervised unless inside a vehicle or competing.
    • No pine shavings on any grass around the property.
    • Motorized vehicles, which includes golf carts, are not allowed except (i) when a medical condition or disability requires the use of one, or (ii) prior authorization is obtained from Purina Farms management and event organizers.
    • – Propane and charcoal grilling are permitted in the lots. Guests should let the coals burn out overnight, bag them the next day and put them in a trash barrel.
    • – Open fires, including fire pits, are not allowed on the property.
      – Free WiFi is provided under our “guest network” and no password is required. The expectation is that each camper will abide by acceptable use guidelines in order to continue to have access to this resource.

    Any false or inaccurate information provided when booking a reservation will result in the reservation being null and void with no refunds given.

  • RV reservations are only accepted for those entered in an event that has contracted space which includes the overnight camping lots. Upon request, participants must be prepared to show proof of event entry upon arrival at Purina Farms.
  • All overnight camping questions should be directed to rvparking@purina.nestle.com or (866) 979-2488
  • Purina Farms reserves the right to ask any camper or accompanying vehicle occupant(s) without appropriate documentation, or those in violation of these guidelines, to leave the property. Unauthorized vehicles may be towed without further notice and at the owner’s expense.


In the event a severe weather or tornado warning is issued for the immediate area, Site Security will notify the Purina Farms management team. The team will notify guests of an impending weather event via the property-wide public address system. Public service announcements should also come via the storm siren and announcements. Guests will be asked to seek cover in designated areas marked as severe weather shelter areas inside the Purina Farms facilities (those in the outdoor event areas should seek cover in one of the indoor facilities on the property). Areas at the Purina Event Center include the Gateway Hall, restrooms, South stairwell and the Great Hall if necessary. At the Visitor Center, this includes the bathrooms, indoor theater and the hallway near the front information desk. After the weather event ends, Purina Farms management teams will announce all clear.

  • If weather is extreme after-hours, then security will unlock the Purina Event Center to allow overnight guests to come into the building with dogs at any time. The service center is also open 24/7 for campers to seek shelter.
  • Should the weather look threatening, Purina Farms Security will go around the lots to notify overnight guests to seek shelter. Security will also visit the outdoor event areas around the property to let guests know there is threat.

      In Case of Emergency, call Site Security 314-982-2222. If life-threatening, call 911 and then Site Security.

      Guests are expected to demonstrate responsible pet ownership and responsible pet care while on the Purina Farms property as well as promote the overall health and well-being of pets. Any witnessed behavior or actions that are contrary to this will not be tolerated and should be reported to Purina Farms management.

      Special Notes: Purina Farms staff reserves the right to refuse entry to as well as remove any person(s) and/or animal(s) from the premises in order to ensure the safety and enjoyment of any and all guests and animals. Purina Farms is not responsible for the actions of any guest or animal brought onto the property. Guests are solely responsible for their actions and the health and behavior of the animals that they bring with them, and shall indemnify and hold harmless Nestlé Purina PetCare Company from and against any and all claims arising out of the guests’ actions, the animals’ health or behavior, and/or any damage, injury or loss to persons and/or property.